Zirkel: A Geometric Puzzle About Contemplation

Solo game developer Marc-Andre Weibezahn recently released his unique puzzle game Zirkel for iOS mobile devices. The game is described as a geometric puzzle game that uses circles and fiery, revolving elements to create a relaxing experience for puzzle lovers around the world.

Zirkel Tutorial

Zirkel offers 70 puzzles made up of different assortments of perfect circles, each with a fiery element that initially holds still. These elements can begin to revolve within the circle with a tap on the screen, allowing them to follow the outline of the circle endlessly. The goal of the game is to accurately time when to start the next circle’s element in order to have one active flame intersect with another for a grand explosion that makes the newer flame grow larger. This is repeated until every single flame is moving and activated.

There are a multitude of layouts and some rule changes in certain levels for added variety, including one where players will also need to manually move the circles. The game’s puzzles are calm and intended for contemplative gameplay, which is then assisted by an atmospheric original soundtrack by Leel.


Zirkel is currently available for iOS devices on the App Store, and can be downloaded for $1.99. For more information about this and future games by Webezahn, follow the developer on Twitter or like the game’s Facebook page.

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