Yet Another Door Challenges Players’ Self Reliance


Part social experiment, part discovery game, Yet Another Door by indie game designer Alex Korzh hopes to offer something different. Currently available for download on PC, Mac, and Linux systems, Yet Another Door was born out of Korzh’s curiosity regarding how players interact with games. Korzh explained, “If you follow game instructions, you will never get anywhere and it’s not clear if there is another way. But there is.”


Yet Another Door draws similarities with indie title The Stanley Parable, in that players are presented with a choice between two doors. However, in this scenario the second door doesn’t seem to exist. Exploration is left solely to the player, with only subtle hints left here and there by the game design. Those who search out the secrets are supposedly greatly rewarded, but Korzh was determined to leave things up to players and said, “I want to see how many people out there are capable of finding their own path and thinking for themselves, and how many will just blindly follow instructions.”

The game consists of a procedurally generated environment, old-school 3D graphics, and an atmospheric soundtrack. Puzzles of varying difficulties are also included, in addition to 2 alternate endings, and about 3 hours of total gameplay. Yet Another Door is Korzh’s first PC release, and is available to purchase for $1.99 on the official website.

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