A New World Of RPG ‘WordTrap Dungeon’ Spells It Out

WordTrap Dungeon

For weeks Crunching Koalas have been teasing their latest project and considering how they slowly unveiled MouseCraft in a sea of mystery why would this project be any different?

Crunching Koalas is a relatively new indie studio with a small selection of developers with big ambitions, and it shows. Crunching Koalas aim to deliver diverse and fun titles that are unique and to the point, don’t expect to see hours of padding whilst nothing happens but expect a short(ish) yet memorable experience.

Before Christmas Crunching Koalas unveiled their first project MouseCraft after slowly teasing it for weeks prior. MouseCraft is an interesting new puzzle platformer game that reminded me of Lemmings in many respects but was unique in its own right.

Following this trend Crunching Koalas have announced their next project which has come about off the back of the Oyua CREATE contest. WordTrap Dungeon was also slowly teased to the public over a few weeks to try to create some added interest, much like that seen from the MouseCraft announcements.

What we know so far about WordTrap Dungeon is it fuses word games with classic dungeon RPG games (such as Dungeon Master or the more recent Legend Of Grimrock). It’s an interesting idea and looks to take a similar direction that Typing Of The Dead did, and to be honest I loved that game.


It’s a very interesting new spin on the two types of games and one I do look forward to playing. When combining the interesting concepts and stunning visuals WordTrap Dungeon really looks like a stand out Ouya title. Expect to see a pre-alpha version go live later on today.

If you would like to take part in the testing phase of the games then just go to the Crunching Koalas site and sign up. The team are dedicated to making each of their games as good as they can be, and always relish all of your feedback.

WordTrap Dungeon is going to be released on Windows, Mac, Linux, OUYA and some touch screen systems, although no release date has been announced.

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