Watch the World Take Form in Shape of the World

Looking back at the past couple of years, we’ve seen a few titles cropping up that take on a minimalist approach to art direction. With titles like Proteus and Eidolon, players enter a world with little to no textures used, just simple shapes and lighting, arranged to create an interesting and attractive world.

Joining the minimalist exploration vein is Shape of the World, an artistic foray into a land that evolves around the player as they move through it. The mere presence of the player character inspires the world to grow around them, using procedural generation. At a basic level, the game simply exists as a platform for walking simulation. Some players approach games like Shape of the World with different goals in mind, and the same can be done here. Whereas some may want to collect objects and watch the world grow, others might want to appreciate the simple fact that someone programmed this world to appear in a randomly-generated arrangement.


Shape of the World is planned to be a 2016 release for PC and Xbox One, and the development can be followed on tumblr, Twitter, or the game’s official website!

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