Watch Vintage Games Make An Indie Title In Eight Hours

VINTAGE Games President Dan Bisciglia has a lot to live up to; in an eight hour game design session of enormous heights, he intends on creating, from start-to-finish, a one-man gamejam, creating the graphics, sound, programming  (via multimedia fusion 2.1), and design in front of any and all who will watch on Twitch’s streaming service

Based out of Austin, Texas, Bisciglia VINTAGE Games released their first completed title, Barzeef’s Conquest, back in September. Available for Windows and Ouya, the game is an authentic Gameboy style platformer, which is described as “difficult-but-fair.”  The developer is currently working on several other titles, including a platform adventure title called Project Sidequest, an overhead 1-4 player arena shooter called Brutal Alien Throwdown: Revival and a cartridge-quality expansive RPG titled Castles and Caverns

This is the third time that Bisciglia has created a quick and immersive game in this manner, the first two being World of Nagatanks and Gloving Lawyer: Lord of Bird Lawwhich are both playable at the aforementioned links.

“I’ll do this all while trying to be entertaining and not spew profanities like a lunatic,” said Bisciglia. “This is the third in a series I’ve called Games For Friends – 3 tiny, low-dev games, starring my real life friends as main characters, as a novel set of Christmas gifts.”

You can catch the action at 2:00 PM EST this Saturday, January 11th. This seems like a great indie community event to look out for, especially if you want to see the process of an indie game being made from the ground up.