Vapour – Cast Spells, Survive Hell

The developers at Skobbejak Games are working on bringing their horror game, Vapour: Part 1, to PC gamers in early July. The game is a fusion of different mechanics in an attempt to provide a full adventure and experience, while travelling through a gory and twisted plot.


Vapour: Part 1 puts players in control of a psychotic warlock known as “Charles”, who was held captive and tortured for his entire life by a sadistic cult. After being executed for his own crimes, Charles used the last bit of his strength to avoid total damnation, and so the player begins his long trek through Hell to return to Earth and avenge himself. Players will be challenged by different monsters and demons in the darkness, and casting spells is the only means of combat through these non-linear level designs. There will also be plenty to look for as gamers explore the realm, carefully jumping from one precarious platform to another, interacting with puzzles, finding dark secrets, and surviving deadly scares and furious demons.


Vapour: Part 1 is scheduled for release on July 3rd for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Gamers can learn more about the game by visiting the Steam Greenlight page, or by following the developers on Twitter and Facebook.

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