Vanquish Adorable Monsters in Oddhop

When one comes across a group of adorable creatures, there’s only one thing to do. Eliminate them all save for one so that it can run back to tell the rest of it’s kind the message. Developer MHGames newest game Oddhop is a hexagonal puzzle game where the player’s goal is to collect points by eliminating the creatures one by one until only a single survivor remains. Elimination is carried out by making the creatures jump over another one in an adjacent spot.

Oddhop_Android_screenshot1Players will test their puzzle solving monster squishing skills with over 100 unique puzzles, encounter 3 different types of creatures with varying characteristics, and explore several terrain types. There will also be several gameplay elements to interact with including portals, cherry-picking, revolving platforms, statues and more. Developer MHGames stated that if there’s an active user base they’ll release more puzzles to the game as free updates.

Oddhop is currently in development,  aiming for a Spring/Summer release on Android and iOS. The game will be free to play with adds, however, there will be an option of a one-time in-app purchase to remove all ads. To learn more about the game and developer MHGames, visit their website, and follow on twitter.

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