‘Valley 2’ Beta .710 Adds More Monsters At Last


Valley 2 is coming ever closer to its release, and the beta is growing in tangible ways now that the developer, Arcen Games, is able to focus more on content than tweaks and bug fixes.

The latest beta update, titled “More Monsters At Last”, does exactly that  —Urban Snipers, Auroch Warriors, Slug Fiends, Robot Piranhas and Rocket Sentinels now roam the post apocalyptic wastes. Ninty-six monsters are left before Arcen Games reaches their target goal of one-hundred and fourteen.


As Valley 2 reaches its 1.0 release, Arcen is planning on adding more enemies in the game at much faster pace. In their latest development post they announced: “We’re going to make huge strides on the monsters this month, so there’s going to be a lot of releases like this with lots of monsters. Exciting times!”


Valley 2 is the sequel to A Valley Without Wind and boasts many improvements to the gameplay structure. Alternating between an action platformer and turn-based isometric survival exploration game all in a procedural, randomly generated world, its clear that like its predecessor, multiple playthroughs will yield radically different gameplay experiences.


Unlike A Valley Without WindValley 2 dropped the mission structure from before and has a single evil overlord that must be defeated rather than an infinitely expanding amount of evil overlords. This overarching narrative combined with turn-based exploration on the world map directing which levels you choose to play, Valley 2 promises to be a much tighter experience.

If you already own A Valley Without WindValley 2 is free. You can head over to the official website and download the client or learn more.