Tokyo Ghoul Coming to Mobile Devices in 2016


Great news, lovers of anime. Tokyo Ghoul is getting a game. This series, created by Sui Ishida and adapted into a hit anime television show in 2014, is distributed by FUNimation in the U.S and Canada, and is set to come to mobile devices in 2016.

Tokyo Ghoul is set in a fictional Tokyo, where humans live in fear of beings called Ghouls. These Ghouls, whether they like it or not, can only survive by eating human flesh. In fact, some of them love it. Hunting down such ghouls is the Commission of Counter Ghoul (CCG), seen as the last thing keeping Ghouls from devouring humans whenever they please.

The concept of the Tokyo Ghoul game, which will combine a mixture of RPG and action gameplay, is that gamers will choose a side; the Ghouls or the CCG. Their decision will affect the path that the game takes, as gamers choose to protect humans, or hunt them down.

“Ever since we began simulcasting the anime series last year, fans of Tokyo Ghoul have been clamoring for a mobile game,” said Gen Fukunaga, CEO and President of FUNimation Entertainment.  “With Season 2 now finished and Season 3 set for 2016, the anticipation for the game has only grown higher.”


Want to know more about the flesh-eating Tokyo Ghoul game? Check out GameSamba’s official website, or start a conversation on their Facebook page.