Tiny Wizard Puts Players in a Procedural Pixel Art Labyrinth and a Purple Robe

The tiny wizard who stars in Tiny Wizard is just so cute that I wish I could kiss him on his gangly beard– yes, that cute. The game began development in 2012 as a well-received project for Ludum Dare 23. Now, Tiny Wizard isn’t so tiny, as developer Hannes Rahm (aka ‘Kebabskal’) has decided to build the game into a full release. Inspired by The Binding of Isaac, Tiny Wizard features permadeath, old-school Zelda-esque dungeons, and an array of wizardly spells and beams to engage enemies with in combat. Tiny Wizard is sure to offer players a tense, fast paced adventure.

Tiny Wizard is currently in an early Alpha, but Kebabskal is working to give the game a public Beta if it garners enough interest; the original Ludum Dare prototype is available to play now on Kongregate. For even more information, check out Kebabskal’s Twitter and devlog (packed with huge gameplay gifs), and keep an eye on IGM for more on Tiny Wizard in the future.