There Came an Echo – New Gameplay Video

Back in April, we gave you our first impression of an RTS title currently in development called There Came an Echo. Currently in production at Iridium Studios, the team recently released pre-alpha gameplay footage, posted above, to showcase different features of their game.

More specifically, Iridium Studios took the opportunity to display the potential of the game’s voice command system. It’s hard to stay completely unbiased here, but the truth is that this seems like a very well developed system for using voice commands in a high-action video game. Besides being able to send the squad to different points in the map, players will be able to use voice commands to focus the fire of part, or all, of the squad on specific enemies, change weapons, reload, and more.


A feature of the voice command that drew my attention came up at 1:07 of the video. The command “move to A-1 on my mark” offers several degrees of tactical potential. With this feature, players can plan ahead the moves of all or part of their squad without wasting any time. It adds a lot of efficiency to what has so far been a control method that moves slower than manually using a controller.

There Came an Echo is still under development, and gamers can follow @IridiumStudios on Twitter to keep up with new information. The team expects the game to be available on Steam, PS4, and Xbox One.

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