‘Theocalypse’ – A Tale Of Ancient Mythologies Modernized


“When the gods of religions and days passed return to our modern world, humanity must fight for its survival and future.”

Gamers are all too familiar with the tropes of the apocalypse: zombies overrunning humanity, monsters from other dimensions crossing through rifts in space and time, man-made apocalypses brought on by weapons of mass destruction….we’ve all heard these stories before. Games have leeched on these scenarios for decades, and the developers at 2GZ Studios realized this when they decided to begin working on their first game.

They ended up with Theocalypse, an RPG in which legendary mythologies are modernized in an epic story where deities battle for control of our planet.  Now, forty years into that war for Earth, a mere mortal has risen to become a god and has the chance to end the war, once and for all.


2GZ Studios is working hard to ensure that Theocalypse adds enough to the RPG genre, to warrant player’s time. While the visual style pays homage to the old days, the SNES-era of RPGs, the mechanics working behind the graphics are anything but old-school. The game is based around a mature and philosophical storyline, going so far as to examine the nature of power and question the true differences between man and gods, wherein players are presented with decisions to make which will ultimately determine the outcome of the game. 2GZ Studios promises that these choices will never simply be “black and white” but will be shades of grey. Theocalypse also features a unique combat system where “tech points” are utilized in place of the traditional health and manna resources.

The story of Theocalypse is so in-depth that 2GZ Studios feels that it can only be told in a trilogy, and part 1 of the trilogy is currently being promoted on Kickstarter. 2GZ Studios is looking for $15,000 to cover the completion of episode one. Supporters have the opportunity to get in on the beta tests for the three episodes, as well as have access to posters, the game’s soundtrack, and more.

2013-11-02 03_01_13-Theocalypse - Mythology and Modern day collide in this RPG by 2GZ Studios — Kick

Keep up the the development of Theocalypse by following 2GZ Studios on Twitter, and check out the game’s Kickstarter campaign.



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