The Search for Family in The Light Inside US

The Light Inside Us
After months of prototyping, Dastan Games has turned their project into a full-fledged game called The Light Inside Us. Players enter an isometric world, centered around an alien life-form called the Children of Light.  The player’s goal is to reunite the children of light with their family, some of whom have been corrupted by darkness.

The player controls a body of light made up of tiny light particles. These particles act as both the player’s health and ammo, which they’ll have to keep track of as they’ll be besieged by hordes of enemies who are trying to destroy them. When an enemy is destroyed they’re converted into light particles. However, every shot takes a certain number of particles, the more powerful the shot, the more particles it needs. In order to win players must eliminate as many enemies as possible with each shot they take. The game contains 55 levels with different enemies, weapons and terrain elements that will challenge the player to continually evolve their strategy.

The Light Inside Us is scheduled to release for iOS on the App Store January 14, 2016. To learn more about the game and the developer Dastan Games visit their official website, Facebook, and Twitter.

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