‘The Open Bundle’ Released, Fights Copyright With Art and Music From Web Games

Six of the artists behind some of the most popular web games on the internet have teamed up to release The Open Game Art Bundle, an name-your-own-price indie bundle replacing games with soundtracks, sprite sheets, and source code.

“The web is meant to be an open landscape; being in this bundle is how we choose to honor this,” the artists explain in a statement on the bundle site. “We want to give works to the public, funded by the public.” Every purchaser will get the items included in the bundle on a Creative Commons Commercial License. If the bundle reaches the threshold of $10,000, all works included will be released into the public domain under a Creative Commons Zero License.


The artists and items included in the bundle are:

  • HalcyonicFalconX (Three soundtracks from Adventure Story, Bullet Hell, and Epic Battle Fantasy 3
  • Jimp (Art and animations from two unreleased games)
  • NutcaseNightmare (Soundtrack and Source Code from Reimagine :The Game:)
  • Strat Kat (Two full albums and a collection of background music)
  • Kenney (A platformer game art pack)
  • Mind Chamber (art assets from three of his projects)

Right now, the six artists and musicians get 90% of all pledges, split equally amongst them. The other 10% goes equally to Creative Commons and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

There are also extra rewards based on your donation:

  • $10+ Your name will be credited in all downloadable packages.
  • $25+ DRM-free copies of the Gap Monsters and 4 Horsemen soundtracks.
  • $50+ A DRM-free copy of the Epic Battle Fantasy 4 soundtrack.
  • $100+ NutcaseNightmare will personally draw you or your character.

The Open Bundle is available for purchase until July 14. You can purchase it at