The Next Ten To Pass The Gatekeeper That Is Greenlight

war for the overworld

With the winter holidays now firmly behind us the Greenlight resumes for the first batch of the year. The greenlight system for anyone who does not know works on a system that allows users to upvote games they wish to see on Steam. Valve then push the top ten games from the greenlight platform onto Steam when the developers see fit. In the wake of the IGF 2013 finalists being announced last week a lot of the top contenders for this Greenlight will be taken out, due to Valve agreeing to get any IGF 2013 finalist directly onto Steam.

This left the field wide open and has generated a few interesting surprises, so here are the Greenlit  game this month:

Software greenlit:

Games greenlit:

It has been an interesting list of games put through this month with some brand new entries such as War For The Overworld which only finished its Kickstarter at the beginning of the month, along with some long time contenders. The Greenlight project has proven to be a great success so far giving indies a new way onto Steam, but sadly there are of course those that did not quite make it this time. I would like to congratulate everyone greenlit this month and remind the others who came so close to stay positive for the next Greenlight.

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