The Little Acre – An Adventure Game With a Lot of Charm

There is an upcoming adventure game out there that looks to be filled with a ton of charm. Whether that charm stems from humor, a heartwarming tale, or the overall adventure itself, there is no denying that the charm is there. If you doubt that, then watch the video above. You will find yourself presented with something that looks like the combining of a Saturday morning cartoon, and an intriguing, isometric-view adventure game.


In development by Pewter Game Studios, The Little Acre is a hand-drawn, point-and-click adventure game that transitions from side-view to an isometric view that changes things up a bit. It follows the story of Lily and her father, Aidan, who, after fearing over financial troubles, find themselves transported to a strange, fantasy world. Hand-drawn cutscenes that feature full voice acting look to help bring the engaging story of humor, fantasy, and adventure to life.


The Little Acre is looking to be nothing less than a prestigious project that is filled with charm throughout. Pewter Game Studios has a promising title on their hands, and I for one am very excited about the game. The Little Acre also currently has a Steam Greenlight campaign in effect, so be sure to head over there and give it look – and maybe even a vote.

For more information on Pewter Game Studios, be sure to head over to their official website, and be sure to give their Twitter a follow. The Little Acre is slated for an end of the year release, and is currently in development for Windows, Mac, and Linux

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