The Free Bundle Offers Five Indie Games For…Free!


Running through February, the Free Bundle is offering five indie titles for the price of none. The bundle organizers are the Cabrera brothers, the developers of Cypher, the cyber-punk text adventure I reviewed last year, and they encourage everyone who participates with the Free Bundle to visit the game developer’s websites to donate for the development team’s efforts.

“We want to give real indie developers a chance to show their work,” the brothers explain on the Free Bundle’s website. “It seems the definition of indie game developer has… changed over the last few years. Today, we see guys with big offices, several published games (some even by Sony or Nintendo) and ten, twenty employees call themselves indies and we slowly shake our heads. See, we [feel] that while these guys are small devs, they are not exactly “indies” anymore.”

The Free Bundle features Nitronic Rush from Team Nitronic, Ascension from Magnesium Ninja Studios, Celestial Mechanica from Roger Hicks and Paul Veer, Iamscared from Ivan Zanotti, and Abobo Big’s Adventure from Team Bobo.

free bundle

All of the games are available for Windows, but only Celestial Mechanica and Abobo Big’s Adventure will work for Mac users.

If you know (or have) a free independently developed title you would like to submit for the next Free Bundle, email the Cabrera brothers at The only requirements is that the game cannot be a browser-based game, and it has to be free.

Spread the word and participate in the Free Bundle, today. Visit the official website for access to the games available for download.

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  • This is a very interesting idea and is very good exposure for new indie developers. Of course people do deserve money for their efforts but generally bundles don’t work in the best interest of the developers anyway apart from the exposure.

    This bundle tries to actively engage the public with new Indies raising their profile and I really like the idea.

  • Yea I do too. Especially how it links to the individual product pages on the dev’s site.