‘The Adventures Of Rubberkid’ A New Game To Educate About Bullying

Alan the Chess Player

Often we forget that video games are not only a device solely for entertaining the masses but they can also be a powerful tool to educate people as well. Video games offer a great way for the players to interact with environments in games to better immerse themselves. Due to the interactive nature of games strong messages can be imparted on to the audience much better than many other mediums.

The Adventures Of Rubberkid (Rubberkid) is a game that has been developed by Charles Jackson in a hope to impart an anti-bullying message on the masses. Rubberkid is a small free to play game with a deep and heartfelt message, hoping to educate the masses on bullying by leaving behind everlasting impressions on players.

Each level in Rubberkid will pit you against bullies with your objective being to protect the innocent child/children. The levels vary across the school ranging from a child hiding in a desk fort to a sports field all offering slightly different scenarios along with wonderfully created environments.

On the completion of each level you see both what would’ve happened to the child if the bully continued on, along with what has happened now you have stood up to them. The game aims to educate everyone; both children and adults on what bullying can do to people along with the long-term ramifications of the events.

Critter Crusher Level

The Adventures Of Rubberkid is completely free to play either online or via download, however there is an option to help support further development by donating at much as you can. To find out more be sure to visit The critterverse site now.

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