Sylvio Developer Releases New Ghost Recording Trailer

The EVP recording of Niklas Swanberg’s Sylvio is what drew me to it to begin with. Now, during the final few days of its already-successful Kickstarter campaign, he’s released a new trailer with some commentary to better explain how the recording will work, and what its uses are to players. Seeing it in action has me even more excited for this unique horror game.


The video shows the player using a special scanner that shows the direction the phenomena is in. Players will have to check this tool often to home in on the location of the sounds, watching as the bar vibrates harder depending on the player’s distance from the phenomena. Once there, there will be some sort of audio clue that the phenomena is close (in the trailer, it is a clapping sound), and you can then record it. It gets interesting from here, as you can play around with the sound you’ve recorded, adjusting the playback speed to clear up the audio to the point where you can make out what is being said. Once you can hear it clearly, your character will record the note, which adds something new to the environment for you to collect.


Swanberg mentions that this can be optional if you don’t want to spend much time on it, but this mechanic is what makes the game interesting for me. I’m hoping it has multiple important uses in the game as it moves forward in development, as listening to the creepy voices of ghosts could really heighten the tension of this horror game. What hints will you get about the Henson family cult when you listen closely? With the campaign having paid off, I guess we’ll all find out soon.

You can still donate to Sylvio’s Kickstarter campaign until it concludes. If you want to learn more about it, you can read the developer’s site, or follow him on Facebook and Twitter. The game is still looking for votes on Steam Greenlight as well.

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