Survive the Infected Colonists of Mars in Subterrain

It is the year 2050, and Mars has been colonized by humans. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean it is safe, as the colony becomes infected, and the majority are turned into rabid zombie-esque inhabitants. Dr. West, possibly the only survivor left, will have to find his way off Mars now that Pixellore’s sci-fi survival game, Subterrain, has landed on Steam.


For those who didn’t read Issue 50 of our magazine, where there was a full preview of Subterrain, here is what to expect:  Using limited resources, Dr. West will have to make his way around the colony, surviving as best as he can. This won’t be easy. Even if gamers manage to survive the onslaughts of infected colonists, they will also have to watch over their levels of thirst, hunger, sleep, and even the need to urinate. It is also possible to become contaminated, bleed out, fracture bones and catch hypothermia, and only by scavenging for supplies and knowledge will players be able to keep Dr. West alive.


The infected will also be evolving over time, so the player will want to make the most of the items and weapons they find around the colony, and maybe even craft a few of their own with a 3D printer and bio-combiner. Next steps could involve protecting the colony from mobs of the infected, restoring systems throughout the base, or exploring any of the procedurally-generated levels throughout Subterrain; whatever it takes to get off Mars alive.


All that anyone could need to know about this sci-fi survival horror can be found on the game’s official website, Steam page, or on the Facebook page.