Stoic Announces The Banner Saga: Warbands

The Banner Saga Warbands logo

The Banner Saga is an award-winning strategy/army management sim that released to critical praise and was well received by gamers. Now, the experience is being adapted for tabletops everywhere as The Banner Saga: Warbands.

For those new to The Banner Saga, the game takes place in a Viking-inspired world, with a variety of unit types and characters that players can build relationships with. The grid and turn-based combat is reminiscent of games like Final Fantasy Tactics, while the the morale management system and moment-to-moment decision making impact the entire company of characters who struggle to survive in an unforgiving world against an implacable enemy.

The Banner Saga screenshot

Stoic Studio, the team behind the series, is composed of devs that have broken away from the well-respected, extremely popular AAA-studio BioWare; the three founders decided they wanted to make games that they found enjoyment in.

Currently, no details have been released about the The Banner Saga: Warbands beyond its name and that it is being developed by MegaCon Games with Stoic’s support. It will be published by Versus Evil, the same publisher responsible for the video game. MegaCon is currently at GenCon in Indianapolis to compile an “interest list” for the game, after which time information will be released to both the public and press. A Kickstarter campaign to fund the project is forthcoming. Those not attending GenCon who wish to keep up with the game can check out the new website that has been set up specifically for Warbands. Those looking forward to the next entry in the video game series can check Stoic’s site for updates.

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