Stealth and Horror Game GUILT Spawned by Competition

Game jams and competitions spawn a lot of unique titles, born from a combination of complete freedom and a complete lack of time, and Mickaël knows this all too well. He is the developer behind GUILT, a short 2-D mix of stealth and horror, in which story and atmosphere are key.


The gameplay revolves mainly around platforming, and hiding in order to survive. There are creatures that want to hurt the protagonist, and if the gamer can’t hide from their prying eyes, the only option is to run. That is where the horror begins. However, Mickaël states that the focus really is the narrative, and that the game was created with its ending in mind. “It shouldn’t take more than 20 to 30 minutes [to finish the game], [but] according to people who have… it’s worth it.”


GUILT began as a result of the Indie Game Maker Contest, in which developers had from July 7th to August 7th to create a game, in the hope of winning cash prizes. The competition, held by Game Dev Fort, was linked to a specific Humble Bundle, and the higher the number of a game sold, the larger the possible cash prize for the developer.

Mickaël hasn’t got his sights set on his next game just yet, but is spending a bit more time improving certain aspects of GUILT – the AI, for example, along with some extra scenes – that just weren’t possible during the single month he had to create the game.


For more information on GUILT, and to give its sole developer a helping hand in the competition that the game was created for, head to its competition page. Each vote increases Mickaël’s chance of winning a cash prize, and would “help immensely to allow [him] to continue making games.” Gamers using Windows PCs can also play the game for free, by downloading the game here. Enjoy it? Get in touch with the developer on Twitter.