Song of Horror Shrieks out a Tune on Kickstarter

Among the ever-crowded indie survival horror genre, Song of Horror is trying to present a different experience from what we’ve seen so far. Developed by Protocol Games, the story-driven game utilizes to a central mystery that must be solved, “cinematic camera angles” to modify the third person experience, lots of characters to choose from, and a focus on realism to make the game as engaging as possible.


Song of Horror is centered around the exploration of an abandoned mansion. Daniel Noyer, a former advertiser and entrepreneur, has to find his company’s most important client who hasn’t been seen in weeks. When he gets to the client’s mansion, nobody’s there except “the Presence,” an apparition that tries to kill him while inside the house. Players must survive the shadowy figure’s appearance and escape the mansion to save Daniel’s life.


As with other recent releases, Song of Horror takes more of an average Joe approach to the protagonists. There are 16 characters available, but they’re all common people who will have to survive the supernatural power inside the mansion. Additionally, in an effort to maintain a more realistic approach, permadeath is also part of the gameplay. Besides the mansion, other locations will also be explored throughout the game, slowly revealing the real story behind Daniel’s missing client.


The game was recently approved on Steam Greenlight in less than 5 days of campaigning, and now a Kickstarter campaign is live to gather funds for it. If it reaches the intended goal of $75,000 Euros before July 3, it will be available for PC, Mac, and Linux towards the end of 2016. For further information, visit the game’s official website.

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