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I have fond memories of my early days with gaming on the internet. Back when online arcades were all the rage, before Battlefield 1942, SOCOM: US Navy Seals, and Counter Strike opened my eyes to the world of true online gaming, —true online multiplayer gaming I should say, as I did a fair amount of gaming on the internet…it was just all by myself.

I remember one of those arcade games to be Tactical Assassin, a game where players took on the role of a sniper, and went on missions to eliminate the targeted stick-people within the game’s various levels. Tactical Assassin proved to be a hit, and two direct sequels came of it. The developer also developed two other shooter hits, Weapon and Sierra 7.

Tactical Assassin

Tactical Assassin

The man behind these stick-people shoot-em-ups is named Simon Hason, and he’s in the middle of expanding his game portfolio to include his latest project: Lonewolf.

No More Stick ’em Up

Earlier in the month, Hason launched a Kickstarter campaign for Lonewolf, his next major online shooting game. Immediately, it is clear that Lonewolf is a revision of Hason’s typical stick-man style, as the game features full-blown artwork. This is the final installment to the Tactical Assassin series, and true to the Tactical Assassin tradition, the game will be released for free, online. Android and iOS versions are also planned.

“The game is about 80% complete right now, funded out of my pocket,” Hason explains on the Lonewolf campaign page. “No matter what (unless I die somehow) the game will be released early 2014. So there is almost no risk in Lonewolf [not] being out for people to play. The only thing is, I want to make this game bigger & better (more missions, gameplay types, music, sounds, story, characters, the works!) and have this game be the best experience for you guys. Kickstarter can make this game more than I dreamed it could be. That is the only reason I want the backing money…to make the game bigger and better!”

I was able to spend some time playing through some of the (currently 24, but over 30 planned) levels in Lonewolf. The missions varied from level to level, and were all very engaging experiences. The majority of the levels feature long-distance sniping, where players will have to take into consideration bullet drop and wind, but there are a few levels that allow the player to use pistols and machine guns, to complete the mission. For example, one level equipped me with a pistol, and I had to clear out a rooftop of lounging thugs, before any of them could react and draw on me.

From what I experienced, Lonewolf is set to be the send-off that the Tactical Assassin series deserves. Everything I loved about Tactical Assassin is getting a fresh coat of paint, and I am pretty excited to spend some time becoming the elite jack-of-all-guns special forces dude I always knew I could be.

Check out Lonewolf on Kickstarter, and visit Hason’s official website.

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