Screenshot Weekly – How Smart is Cat, The End is Nigh, The Lady


Welcome back to Screenshot Weekly! Every Tuesday, IGM brings you exclusive early looks at upcoming games in various stages of development. The featured image introducing each game will always be original, and made especially for IGM, so you’ll see them for the first time right here! Without further ado, let’s take a look at this week’s screenshots. (Images can be viewed as a gallery by clicking on any of them):

How Smart is Cat


Will Cat be able to solve these abstract puzzles?

While offering an early look at the Alpha build of How Smart is Cat?, the developers at SmartCat describe the project as an open world puzzle game. Players assume the role of a kitten waking up on a mysterious island, only to find their petrified parent stuck in a deep sleep. In order to awaken Cat’s mother, players must solve unusual and interconnected puzzles across three distinct islands. According to the team, “puzzles will be sometimes abstract in design and require a different line of thinking. The challenging part will be imagining the correct solutions rather than executing them.”

SmartCat(2) SmartCat(1)

The End is Nigh

Can you survive the apocalypses?

Can you survive the apocalypses?

The End is Nigh is more than just your average survive-an-apocalypse scenario; mainly because the team at Maniak Gaming isn’t just asking you to survive one apocalypse, they’re including a survival mode that challenges you to survive five. Developer George Yockachonis says that, “The End is Nigh is an arcade style survival-shooter about the different theories on the apocalypse. With five planned campaigns each with its own character and story to tell, as well as an apocalypse that they must survive.” The aforementioned survival mode will feature a choice of five different apocalypses to survive: Aliens, Zombies, The Rapture, and two that have yet-to-be revealed.

TheEndisNigh(2) TheEndisNigh@GYocks

The Lady

Horror and hallucinations are abundant in The Lady

Horror and hallucinations are abundant in The Lady

The Lady is described as a 2d surrealist/puzzle/horror game. The game features hand drawn character art mixed with stop motion-themed animation. To complete the chilling ensemble, the audio will consist of an analog soundtrack the developer/publisher, MPR Art Hallucinations, feels is, “abrasively haunting”. The Lady can currently be found on their IndieGoGo campaign in addition to Steam Greenlight, with more information available on IndieDB as well. Those interested can also check out the Dev Vlog series for The Lady on YouTube.

Teaser Trailer Screen TheLady

That’s it for this week’s Screenshot Weekly segment. Be sure to come back next week to see more exclusive looks of the latest indie games in development! Any indie developers who would like to see their screenshots featured in an upcoming segment should feel free to send an email to IGM at with the Subject Line: “Screenshots Weekly”.

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