Screenshot Weekly – Disposable Beards on Sale at the Haberdashery


Welcome back to Screenshot Weekly! Every Tuesday, IGM brings you exclusive looks at upcoming games in various stages of development. The featured image introducing each game will always be original, and made especially for IGM, so you’ll see them for the first time right here! Without further ado, let’s take a look at this week’s screenshots:

Beard Blade


As most of you know, IGM is a big part of #screenshotsaturday on Twitter; we’re always looking for new games to showcase and share with readers. Beard Blade was one of the most popular in recent weeks, and now it’s here featured on Screenshot Weekly! The game is “a lighthearted 2D platformer that puts an emphasis on exploration, challenge and fun characters.” According to the developers, the protagonist is “a humble farmer-turned-hero who’s beard becomes enchanted while on his quest to retrieve his stolen belongings from the Imp Tribe.” The beard is used to attack, grab, glide, and more as players solve puzzles across several worlds. A barber can change the beard style, granting new powers; each style also changes the character’s moveset. Levels are said to feature multiple paths, secrets areas, and collectibles, with enemies that will require different approaches to defeat them. The team is hoping to release Beard Blade before the end of 2016.

IndieGameMag_02 IndieGameMag_03 IndieGameMag_01

Disposable Heroes

Garden 1280

Disposable Heroes is a 1-2 player desktop game in which you must defeat all manner of hideous beings to bring back the head of the king’s son and return the light to an accursed land.” How’s that for an intro? Dutch Studio Evilize Games further explains that “In a faraway magical kingdom, the light of the sun has been hidden by the ugliness of the king’s new-born son. The royal army has been vanquished by the ominous evil that now stalks the land, and so it falls to the Disposable Heroes – a rag-tag foursome of well-meaning imbeciles, narcissists and cretins – to venture out across the realm to find the king’s son and bring back his head so that the light may return.” The game includes over 60 levels, as players “employ a glittering array of weapons, lotions and potions” to battle an assortment of enemies, and evade any and all obstacles placed in their way. Players can choose either the Orc, the Gladiator, the Princess or the Wizard for the journey.

Mine 1280 trebuchet Time-travel 1280



Proving that there’s still life (and sillyness) left in the endless runner genre, Luna Wolf Studios is working on Haberdashery. The premise is “to run for your little sheep life and look dashing in the process!” The game takes place on a sphere, as players avoid obstacles such as trees, rocks, and mines while picking up Hat Boxes. What are Hat Boxes? They’re boxes with hats in them (duh!). Collecting additional Hat Boxes not only increases the player’s score, it also triggers some zany effects in-game. Some examples given were a space helmet that adjusts the level of gravity, a unicorn horn that fills the game with “magic and rainbows,” a leprechaun hat that shrinks the sheep, and a paper bag hat that… makes the sheep wear a paper bag over its head. Each hat also triggers a “Call-Out,” which are messages that range “from pop culture references to everyday phrases,” and give hints as well. Players start with 20 hats unlocked before unlocking the rest by completing achievements.

Haberdashery_1_1280x720 Haberdashery_2_1280x720 Haberdashery_3_1280x720

That’s it for this installment of Screenshot Weekly. Be sure to come back next week to see more exclusive looks of the latest indie games in development! Let us know in the comments section what upcoming indie games you’d like to see featured in a future segment. As for any indie developers who would like to see their screenshots featured right here, feel free to send an email to IGM at with the Subject Line: “Screenshot Weekly.” Or, if you’d like to be part of our Magazine’s Screenshot Monthly segment, include that in the email as well!

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