Sandbox RPG Realms of Magic Seeks Funding

Polished Games has recently announced the development of its upcoming sandbox title, Realms of Magic. The game is inspired by games such as Terraria, Skyrim, and Dwarf Fortress, and is expected to launch next year. It is currently on Kickstarter raising funds for production.


 According to the developer, the project “combines the best aspects from a multitude of genres, boasting the lively setting and character development of an RPG alongside the creative freedom of a sandbox game, [including] twitch based movement and combat from an action platformer.”

While the game comprises many staples of the fantasy genre, it also features themes of poverty, corruption, murder, and slavery. Polished Games want to ensure players can do as their imaginations desire. In fact, players are allowed to live their days as simple laborers if they so choose. The developer says, “Should you want to be purely evil, play as a necromancer, [and] create enormous armies of the undead ready to strike at your whim[, you will be able to.] This game offers you the experience you want in a game, an experience you can control and change instantly based on how you want to play.”


Realms of Magic is currently on Kickstarter with a funding goal of $60,848 USD. Stretch goals include the integration of achievements, support for Mac and Linux devices, and new game features. No firm release details are available, but the developers hope to finish the game by the end of 2016. For more information, check out Realms of Magic on Twitter, Facebook, and the official website.