Run From Your Nightmare in NOOZh

NOOZh gif

Nightmares have a haunting effect, especially on children. Nightmares can even cause children to become terrified of sleep itself, which will negatively affect their daily life. The daughter of a team member at WANNABE was going through just that. The nightmare had various settings and events but there was a constant: a dark monster pursued the girl relentlessly. She came up with a name for this creature,  NOOZh. The team decided to turn these nightmares into a game hoping to lessen the traumatic effect it had. Thus, NOOZh was born.

NOOZh is a storyteller dungeon crawler that follows a young girl, her recurring nightmare, and how it affects her during the day. The player’s goal is simple: during the nightmare phase of the game, they must find keys to get through doors, and solve puzzles in order to complete each level and wake up without trauma. There is a catch; the only source of light is a cell phone and players must accomplish all of their tasks while avoiding NOOZh. This creature will appear in different ways as the AI adopts several different strategies to torment the player. It can lurk behind a door, hide in the shadows, but one thing is certain: it will chase the player.  During the day cycle, players will see a visual representation of the psychological state of the girl. During the day cycle players will control her daily life; what she eats, reads, and how long she should sleep, for example.

NOOZh is currently looking for funding on Kickstarter. To learn more about the game and the developer WANNABE visit their website, Facebook, and Twitter.

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