Run Around As Chicken With Your Head Cut Off In ‘Headless’


The game, Headless, takes the phrase “like a chicken with it’s head cut off” and literally runs with it.

Out now for iOS and Android devices, Headless is an endless runner where players control a decapitated chicken. With simple touch screen controls, players will assist the freshly decapitated chicken as it attempts to escape from the farm. Unfortunately for our heroic, headless hen, there are a number of obstacles which stand in the way. Bonesaws, bear traps, meat hooks, electric fences, and the occasional flying hatchet are some of the hazards which players will need to avoid.

Tap the screen to cause the chicken to bound up into the air. Tap twice or more to double/triple jump. As with endless runners, timing is key, and mastering the bird’s jump is crucial to long-term survival in Headless. There will be times where players will have to jump over electrical fences, but fall short enough to dodge the meat hook hanging from the ceiling.

Fueled by blood, striking obstacles will cause blood levels to drop considerably. Of course, the lack of a head is also an issue, so blood is continuously spurting out of the stub of the neck. Collecting blood bags scattered throughout the levels is the only way to keep blood levels from running out. Once the last bit of blood is drained, it’s game over.

I spent some time with Headless and it’s a pretty fun little game. The art design gives the game an oddly charming feel, and that really helps the game stand out in a time where there are new endless runners coming out every week. Set at 99 cents, fans of endless runners can’t really go wrong with Headless.


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