Ronnie Robot – Robot Sim City For Kids

Silver Bay Labs LLC just announced the near-completion of their soon-to-be released game Ronnie Robot, meant for children ages 3-8. The game is a simple form of Sim City with cartoon-like robots, and one particular robot named Ronnie that the kids can control to do different tasks throughout the town.


Ronnie Robot provides open-ended gameplay to children, allowing them to control Ronnie and watch as he reacts to different situations and scenarios. Ronnie can also be used to build different buildings in the city, control and operate certain vehicles, and simply explore and interact with other robots. Kids can learn about cause and effect through the game, as well as real-time problem solving by dealing with the random scenarios that come up, such as a house catching fire.

The game will launch with two worlds for children to explore, The Village and The Farm. The game is free to play and comes with The Village readily available, while The Farm requires an in-app purchase of $1.99. In the future, Silver Bay Labs hopes to extend the game by adding more worlds and scenes for Ronnie to come across as the kids explore. The game also does not use any third party advertisements, regardless of whether parents decide to purchase the extra level or not, making the game even more suitable for toddlers.


Ronnie Robot will be available for iPads on January 15th. Kids can play however they wish, either by interacting with the world or simply watching Ronnie explore. The game also allows for collaborative play, providing a robot for each child as they play on the same device. For more information, gamers can follow the game on Facebook or Twitter.

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