Reject False Idols is About Blasting Things and Talking to God

Those pesky worshipers and their false idols! Don’t they realize that they’re the wrong ones? Well, in Loud Noises!’s recent Reject False Idols, you can show them the error of their ways by dodging blasts, shooting other worshipers, and then tearing down their idols so that you can leave the landscape barren and clear so that you can talk to god. Which god? Whichever god hates statues that shoot fireballs, I guess. And whichever one which isn’t leaving his followers headless, too. Why does the other god have so many worshipers when none of his followers get to keep their heads, anyway? I get the impression there is some sort of metaphor at work behind all of the jumping and shooting, somehow.


Reject False Idols’ Atari-era visuals and gameplay are just part of a new initiative by developer Loud Noises! It’s part of an ongoing series of games that are developed in a single week, which the developer refers to as “wabi-sabi games.” The concept of Wabi-sabi is built upon the acceptance of imperfection, or a beauty that is incomplete or rough. It’s an open concept, one that gives the developer some breathing room to release some odd projects once a week, so it’s hard to say what kind of game will be coming next. Only the developers will know for sure, but judging from the simple aesthetic and frantic gameplay of Reject False Idols, the games that are to come seem like they’ll be interesting.


The simplistic Reject False Idols is available for $2.12 on if you want to try out the fast-paced tower blasting religious romp for yourself. If you feel that the concept of these weekly games sounds interesting, and enjoy the first game in the series, the core developer, Andre Asai, is taking donations on Patreon for every game released.

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  • Jason

    Bad game. Are we back to 1980? lol
    The acceptance of imperfection needs to be huge to pay anything for this game. I really enjoy Indies but mostly when the devs really put some effort and try to make something good.

  • Sérgio

    I just became a Patreon after reading this post! :D