Red Game Without a Great Name Seems Pretty Self-critical


Red Game Without a Great Name is a new 2D puzzle arcade game from Poland-based indie developer iFun4all. The game takes place in a dangerous Steampunk-themed world with an art style that is dominated by the color red. For some reason, the world has become a hostile environment and humans don’t typically venture outside.

To combat this communication-prohibiting dillema, inhabitants deisgned a mechanical bird to serve as a postman of sorts. Players take control of the mechanical bird, and are then tasked with delivering secret messages throughout the game’s 60 levels. The goal is to deliver all the letters to recipients by placing them in specified cages while collecting gears.


Additionally, players must navigate throughout levels by teleporting, while enhancing their abilities along the way by picking up power-ups like invulnerability and the ability to smash walls. Hindering the makeshift postal service are dangerous obstacles like barbed wire, spikes, windmill blades, and other various traps.

Red Game Without a Great Name has no specific launch date or price as of yet, but the game will be available for all iOS enabled devices. To learn more about the game, follow iFun4all on Twitter or check out the game’s official website.

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