Race Against Time In ‘Dino Run 2’

Dino Run 2 01

Out of the lava and into the lava pit! Pixeljam, creators of the popular Dino Run, are back and ready to make prehistory once more with the sequel to their success. Dino Run 2 is a fast-paced multiplayer platformer currently under development for Mac, PC, Linux, and OUYA, with iOS and Android versions slated for a later release.

Following in the titanic footsteps of its predecessor, Dino Run 2 pits players against time itself in a last-ditch effort to escape extinction. Unlike the first game, however, players will now have a choice among several dinosaur types. In addition to the original Velociraptor, potential contestants in this race against time will include Archaeopteryx, Parasaurolophus, and Triceratops. Each possesses differing strengths and weaknesses, as well as unique special abilities like gliding and super jumps.

After choosing a champion, players must then decide which era to run in. A total of three historical time periods will be available. The Cretaceous Era, or dino-topia, carries over from the first game in all its prehistoric glory. The Paleolithic Era, an icy tundra populated by mammoths and early man, is technically a scientific impossibility – but not as delightfully impossible as the final option, the Modern Era, in which dinos rampage through streets lined with skyscrapers and screaming passersby.

Dino Run 2 02

Some of the first Dino Run’s trademark gameplay elements make reappearances, including the emergent gameplay. Even the smallest of actions can result in a massive (and massively entertaining) chain-reaction. Character customization is also back, as perpetual proof that playing dress-up is fun for all ages (and species).

As for the multiplayer aspect, once again dinos will be able to hang out in lobbies and chat-rooms between races, and new multiplayer levels can be unlocked with experience. Pixeljam also hopes to explore the possibility of cross-platform interactivity (so PC players can run with Mac users, for instance) and co-operative gameplay. A Velociraptor-Archaeopteryx tag-team? Now there’s a terrifying thought.

Dino Run 2 is currently seeking funding, with $22,160 of their $175,000 goal raised and 26 days to go before the deadline. To show support or learn more, visit the official Kickstarter campaign page.

Dino Run 2 03