‘Pulse Shift’ Offers A Last Chance 50% Pre-Release Discount


Hope you don’t have a fear of heights. The ability to alter the time-space continuum as well as bend the rules of physics we’ve come to understand may induce a feeling of vertigo and heightened awareness of how much food you ate during lunch.


Pulse Shift is a first-person puzzle-platformer in which the player manipulates gravity and time to reach the exit. The gameplay I’ve seen makes this game seem like a deliberately paced, contemplative puzzler. The map allows you to move in so many directions, each leap needs to be planned and coordinated with precision. Luckily, like any good puzzle game, the execution seems to be fairly simple so all of your thought power can focus on the solving of the puzzle rather than carrying it out.


3 Core Studio is trying to get some final funding for Pulse Shift in order to get their game onto Steam Greenlight and finish other release steps. This IndieGoGo campaign is the last opportunity gamers will be able to purchase Pulse Shift for 50% off the asking price. With fifty large levels, seven hidden unlockable stages, and each chapter introducing a new special ability, Pulse Shift looks like it will be a bargain for the $5 price. With the release there will also be online leaderboards where you can compare your score and compete to be the best of the best.


The demo is available Desura and you can upvote the game on Steam Greenlight as well as follow development on their official blog or IndieDB page.