Project Scissors Gets New Name and Trailer

Few details have come out about Clock Tower developer Hifumi Kono’s new game, Project Scissors, over the few months that have passed since its announcement. While fans have been waiting for any kind of news on the project, the developer quietly released a new trailer for the game on YouTube a few days ago. The live action trailer showcases some of the reasons why Takashi Shimizu (director of The Grudge) was brought on board the project, and gives the game an official name. Now called NightCry, we have been given our first glimpse of what the game will entail for the fella with the huge shears.


There isn’t a whole lot to see during the short trailer, although there are snippets that can give an idea. The game shows a young boy, an odd development given the prior series’ focus on young female protagonists in the past. The child’s mother seems to have a rough run-in with Scissorman, now a creature made of smoke or shadow. The trailer also shows scenes of some cult doing a ritual outside of what looks like a well (never use a well in Japan. Ever.), doing so with what looks like the Necronomicon from Evil Dead. Again, another odd development given the seriousness of the series in the past, but it could be a nod to the strange inspirations that have created a murderer with gardening implements.


While still scant on details and without even a hint of gameplay, we’re basically still in the dark on what the game could be, save for that Scissorman is in it and that he’s made of weird stuff. What direction will the game go in when it is released for PS Vita and mobile devices? What will the gameplay entail? Then again, here’s an odd thought: what if that was gameplay? What if…it’s an FMV game like Night Trap?

Have I just discovered the most frightening possibility of them all?

nightc3For more information on Project Scissors and Nude Maker, you can go to their website or subscribe to them on YouTube.

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