Post-Apocalyptic Horror Rogue-like Skyhill Hits Twitch

Skyhill is a survival horror rogue-like game developed by Daedalic and Mandragora, and has previously been covered by IGM in a news article detailing its release in October. Now, it has been announced that the game is getting its own Livestream Mode on starting November 28th, allowing streamers and viewers to experience the post-apocalyptic horror together.


In fact, the feature is already available, as gamers can to test it out from now until November 27th before the full launch the day after. “The new Livestream Mode lets players directly connect to Twitch via the in-game menu, enabling game control via Twitch chat. This way, viewers can influence the game and play together with the streamer.”


In Skyhill, gamers step into the penthouse suite of Skyhill Hotel, where Perry has been holed up, surviving World War III. Now he is venturing outside of the suite and attempting to make his way out into the world, but he’ll have to fight and scavenge his way through 100 floors of mutants in order to do so. Each floor is procedurally-generated, meaning that every streamer can share a different experience with their viewers.


Skyhill can be purchased on Steam for $14.99 USD. Any furthers update on Livestream Mode, or anything else related to Skyhill, can be found on the official website, Facebook or Twitter.