Point-And-Click Adventure ‘Richard and Alice’ Gets A Release Date


Long-time readers will recall that I love point-and-click adventure games; the more unique the story, the better. Well, I recently heard of the game Richard & Alice, a game that tells the story of two people imprisoned in high-tech prison cells. Outside the cells things are not much better off: the world has nearly come to an end and the planet is now covered in equal parts ice and sand. The developers, Denby/Raze, have mentioned that the game takes place in the past, present, and future of an alternate near-future world. The player controls both characters, though it has not yet been made clear if the player switches between them or not as the plot progresses.


The team behind Richard & Alice also created the room-escape game Masked, which we have previously recommended. Denby/Raze released a clever press release announcing the release date of their game which you can read about the mock news article on their website. The developers also emailed us to announce that Richard & Alice will release on February 21st, 2013. Until then, you can vote for Richard & Alice on Steam Greenlight if you are as intrigued as we are.

It will be available for purchase on Indie City, Desura, and GoG for $5.99 on February 21st.

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