Ninja Outbreak is a Whole New Kind of Infection

Scientists, no longer satisfied in accidentally bringing about the end of the world though zombie infection, have instead decided to do it with a ninja infection. But how does one pass on the ninja virus, anyway? Bites? Precision sword strikes? Lessons twice a week down at your high school gym for sixty dollars a month? No one knows, but in this Russian lab on Venus, the dark-clad ninja have taken over and are prowling somewhere in the dark. Unlike the living dead, they’re quiet as a whisper. It’s a stealthy race to find them before they find you in Tales of the Renegade Sector’s Ninja Outbreak.


What can a scientist do against a ninja, though? Fortunately, ninjas still seem to be weak to being shot in the face, so pistols and shotguns should do the trick. The game has a survival horror slant to its top-down gameplay, though, so ammo is scarce and players will have to carefully choose whether to shoot or just run. It’s dark as well, and since ninja are quiet, players may only find out they’re being surrounded when their small light illuminates the ninjas scurrying around them. As the game takes place on Venus in an experimental lab, there are a few different weapons and different hostile creatures around the base, so players should be prepared for surprises both good and bad.


Ninja Outbreak is working its way through Steam Greenlight, so those interested can vote on it if the concept seems appealing. There is also a free demo available on for anyone who wants to give the game a try before voting on the positive appeal of a ninja virus. Getting super strength, agility, and an ability to be super quiet beats wanting to eat brains any day, if you ask me.


For more information on Ninja Outbreak and Tales of the Renegade Sector’s other games, you can head to their website, follow Ninja Outbreak’s development on TIGSource, or follow the developer on Twitter and Tumblr.

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  • Kevin Fishburne

    Should have been called Bioninja. Or Resident Ninja. Or Ninja Hill. Or Fatal Ninja. Or World War N, Day N, Apocalypse Ninja, The Day the Ninja Stood Still, Invasion of the Shuriken Slingers, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Ninja, okay, I’ll stop. Fucking ninjas…