NATA 2013 Seeks Crowd Funding To Dazzle This Year

NATA logo

Many of you know that NewGrounds is one of the major Flash portals online. It has been going as long as the internet itself (or it at least feels that way) and along with it just hosting all things Flash it also holds an annual animation tournament.

The NATA (NewGrounds Annual Tournament of Animation) is the latest incarnation of its annual event that encourages animators to develop an animation under pressure. It truly is a great way to get the community involved and it fosters creativity which is great news for all.

The event can also give animators the kick they need to get that animation completed and it of course helps them hone their skills greatly. Year on year NATA has been growing and now NewGrounds have turned to IndieGoGo to raise some additional funds to make NATA 2013 something very special.

The crowd funding campaign aims to enhance the prizes for the contestants to hopefully better reflect all of their hard efforts. Along with this they hope to improve the competition generally and even get a physical trophy commissioned for the winner.

Newgrounds Tankmen

But why should you give up your hard earned money? What will you get out of this? Well the campaign actually has some very favourable tiers from the mere $5 credit tier to some of the more creative such as; $40 will net you an animated GIF commissioned for you, $65 to buy an ad spot on the official site; $100 guaranteed entry into the competition; and for just $2,000 you can be a judge.

It does sound a very interesting campaign that offers a variety of great rewards for the backers, and of course all the money raised goes towards helping make NATA 2013 something very special.

To find out more about the NATA 2013 head to IndieGoGo and read up on the proposal, maybe even back it.

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