Mythical and Artistic, Alternative Platformer Astrå arrives on iOS

Indie studio Fabuloso Games is about to release an “auto-runner platformer” called Astrå, inspired by Greek mythology. The game presents a novel concept that can be described as an artistic, two-dimensional take on Super Mario Galaxy. Living the adventure of Hemera, the goddess of daylight who “upholds the balance between day and night, between light and darkness,” players will need to explore the Astrå universe to uncover its secrets. Pablo Molina, leading developer at Fabuloso Games, explained that “Astrå is inspired by classic platformers, like Mario and Sonic. From an artistic point of view, we researched about mythology. We decided it didn’t need to look or sound like a conventional video game, and that’s what makes Astrå quite unique.”


The gameplay is based on arcade action, where players will be constantly moving on the screen with Hemera. Using gravity fields and bumpers to jump from one celestial body to another, Hemera will take down enemies and collect items during the adventure. “There are an exploration and small puzzle-solving component (like in most classic platformers), that becomes more prominent as you advance in the game. But Astrå is still basically an arcade game,” said Pablo.

Astrå also focuses on the music to help to set the mood. Aficionados of video game soundtracks can buy or listen to the game’s original one on Band Camp.


The game was released today, September 24, for iOS devices only. “There are no plans [to expand to other platforms] at the moment. But I would really like to see Astrå on Apple TV soon,” said Pablo. Players interested in more information about the universe and making of Astrå can venture in their official Tumblr and website. Those looking just for future updates can follow the studio on Twitter.

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