Molyjam Deux Announced, Starting July 5th


Molyjam Deux, the 2nd game jam inspired by tweets from the parody Twitter account @petermolydeux, will run from July 5th to July 7th this year.

The trailer pokes fun at E3, saying “They claim the upcoming E3 will be the best in years. It will not be,” the trailer goes on to laud the upcoming game jam. “…Another event is coming that will initiate true next-gen gaming.” Yesterday afternoon, the Molyjam website was updated with a post about the next jam, including a link to a google doc that interested developers can use to plan their meet-ups. Considering the amount of crazy games spawned from last year’s tweets, this is bound to be a game jam we should keep our eyes on, just for the pure insanity of the games that will come out of it.

The account that inspired Molyjam has called out hundreds of hilarious and interesting ideas. Ideas like “5 minute game where you play an asteroid that is headed towards Earth. Everyone hates you. All you can do is talk, what would you say?” or “What if we all played a creature with 1 million eyes and we each saw through our own unique eye? Working together to travel dangerous lands” are bound to produce some amazing games. Last year’s Molyjam was a huge success, producing around 300 games and archiving them all in the Molyjam website. However, this archive is down as of the Molyjam Deux announcement. According to the Google doc, the Molyjam team is in the process of archiving them.

You can keep up with news about Molyjam Deux by following the official Molyjam Twitter account, @Molyjam.