Mighty Tactical Shooter – Brains Over Reflexes In a Turn-Based Shoot ’em Up

The Kickstarter campaign for the upcoming game Mighty Tactical Shooter is just over 48 hours from the end, with about £1,300 to go. Developed and self-funded over the course of 8 months by the team at Sock Thuggery, this turn-based shoot ’em up represents a style of gameplay that is rarely seen, and has some folks excited.

Mighty Tactical Shooter is an interesting game that puts brains and tactical know-how over quick reflexes and trigger-happy fingers. Each turn, players will be able to control the distance, direction, and even the curvature of the ship’s path, firing automatically through the air. During the planning phase of each turn, players will be able to see the visual-prediction paths of enemy movements, in order to accurately destroy enemies and avoid attacks. The Mighty Git, the lead developer for the team, has stated that this won’t make the game any easier.


Another element of this shoot ’em up that separates it from others is the ability to control the path and target for missiles. This allows Sock Thuggery to add small puzzles, like door switches and hard-to-reach enemies, that would never have been an option in a standard reflex-based game. Players can also create gravity weapons in Mighty Tactical Shooter to shift the direction of enemy fire. With a little practice, players can use these weapons to make enemies shoot either their allies or themselves.


The game features a dark storyline that follows this fairly weak and sub-standard ship, it’s injured and stranded pilot, and three AI Buddies that each control an important subsystem within the ship: Guns, Shields, and Repair. Players can tinker with their behavior settings to allow them to work and react in a way that fits their preferred way of getting through the game. Each AI has it’s own character that conflicts with the others, so expect a lot of back-talk and dialogue between them all. Players will also be forced to make difficult decisions throughout the game, allowing for a more immersive experience.

Mighty Tactical Shooter is being developed for PC, Mac, Linux, and tablets (iOS and Android). Sock Thuggery would also like to develop their game for PS Vita, but this remains unconfirmed. Visit their Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight page to support the game’s development, and follow @SockThuggery on Twitter and Facebook for updates.

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