Metroidvania Adventure ‘Legend Of Iya’ Off To A Good Start

Professional pixel artist Andrew Bado began a Kickstarter for his game, Legend of Iya. The goal is $75,000, currently sitting at about $8,000 in backer donations. The campaign will end in mid-August.

Bado is working onĀ Legend of Iya on and off since he was just 10 years old. “Legend of Iya (it’s pronounced Ee-yah), has been my never-ending passion project as long as I can remember. Beginning with early 8-bit computers, and stretching all the way to present day, the game has changed, evolved and improved over the years, from a simple 8-bit run-and-jump to something far more compelling. The game has seen at least half a dozen iterations, each time dying, but being reborn as some kind of a stubborn freaking phoenix.”

Legend of Iya Screenie

The game takes a lot of influence from old SNES RPGs of the time, with an emphasis on detailed pixel art and sprite animation. If the goal is reached, Bado will be putting the money towards freelancers and workers for various parts of the game, marketing, physical rewards, legal requirements, and living expenses.

Among the large handful of backer rewards available, there are some pretty sweet ones: $50 nets you beta access late next year, $1,000 will get Bado to draw you into a pixelated NPC, and $500 will get you some of Bado’s original comics he drew for the game—when he was 10 years old.

Legend of Iya is also currently on Steam Greenlight. Check out the Kickstarter page for the game, and keep up to date with Legend of Iya with updates directly from Andrew at his developer blog.