MechRunner Kickstarter – Mechs vs. Robots for Multiple Systems

In 1908, an impact from space debris over Siberia led to the discovery of an alien craft. Within that craft was technology far exceeding what humans had ever created…which naturally led to the KGB using this technology for war in the late 1940s. Such is the story in MechRunner, an offering by Spark Plug Games. Spark Plug is known for quite a number of indie games, including Puzzle Quest 2 and the upcoming Firefly Online, and has a reputation for delivering quality products at release. MechRunner is no exception, as it’s currently playable and feature-complete. This Kickstarter is to finalize details for extra features, and ensure the best experience possible for players.

mechrunner2MechRunner is an endless-style arcade game where you play as the opposition to the KGB, using your mechs to destroy the robots unleashed upon Eurasia. It will be available on PS4, PS Vita, and Steam. The project features graphic design by Josh Nizzi, who’s known for his work on Thor: The Dark World, most recently, and Grammy-nominated David Joseph Wesley, who is also designing music for Firefly Online.

The rewards offered range from desktop wallpapers at $5, or a copy of the game for $10, all the way to $2500, which nets you the chance to design an enemy and get a design credit in the game. The campaign is going through May 16, 2014, and seeing as it’s already reached just over $4k, it looks like this dream will become a reality.

mechrunner gifFollow the Kickstarter (and contribute to the campaign) here, “like” the game on Facebook, and follow @mechrunnerSPG for updates.



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