Manipulate Puzzles in Membrain

It’s never fun getting stuck on a puzzle that seems impossible to solve. Try after try (after try) just leads to frustration, headaches, and rage quits, filled with some colorful language and a game that sits unplayed and lonely in a Steam library. That is, until today.

Membrain is a first-person puzzle platformer where the solution is in the hands of the player. Can’t cross a gap? Enter the level editing mode and place a block, jump pad, or any variety of solutions that the player can come up with. Much like a jigsaw puzzle, it is up to the players to figure out exactly what piece fits where and how to solve it based on their own style.


The edits players make to the level stay in place as they progress, and they’re slowly introduced to new mechanics and world-altering pieces. While players have the ability to use and place the mechanics anywhere they choose, there are a limited number of resources to spend, and each piece costs a different number of resources. It’s up to the player to find the correct solution within their number of available resources. During the game, players switch between the robots AANI and PROTO to solve the puzzles of the Membrain and find the secrets hidden in the world.

Mystic Penguin Games is based out of Scotland, and they began work on Membrain after graduating from University. The focus on the environment and vibrant colors was there from the very beginning of development, and the world-altering mechanic was what led them to Membrain. Created in Unreal Engine 4, Membrain will use various color schemes that will relate back to the mechanics to be used in that area.

image 2

Membrain will launch in early 2016 for PC, with other platforms to follow. Mystic Penguin Games is currently running a Steam Greenlight campaign for their game. To learn more about Mystic Penguin games and to follow along with the games’ development, waddle like a penguin on over to their follow button on Twitter.