Make Calculated Moves in Zero – A Numbers Puzzle Game

An engaging mobile game may consist of nothing more than tapping on your handheld device’s screen, but may also require no more thought than that required to recognize colors or objects that match. That’s not to say those games are bad, but for those who like a bit more brain-training in their games, without sacrificing the ability to set it down quickly when necessary, Zero – A Numbers Puzzle Game (by Manuel Stadler) might be just what the mathematician ordered.

zero_howtoA smallish grouping of numbered tiles appear in what looks like a pattern. The player’s goal is to make each of those numbers read zero. This is done by tapping adjacent tiles, which then reduce the value of all of the surrounding tiles by 1.  If a surrounding tile reads “0” already, it will begin to descend into negative values, and the game is lost. There is a pattern to each level, and the goal is to find it, moving through the levels as they increase in size (greater number of tiles) and difficulty (greater values on the tiles). For those who grew up with Minesweeper pre-installed on their computers, there will be a bit of familiarity in regards to understanding number values and how they relate to the surrounding tiles.

Zero – A Numbers Game is currently available for free on iTunes and Google Play.

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