Listen to the Banana in My Friend Pedro: Blood Bullets

Sometimes, the best kind of friend is the imaginary kind. They always seem to know what to say to lift spirits and comfort. After the success of My Friend Pedro, developer DeadToast Entertainment is working on a full-fledged polished re-boot of the game, dubbed My Friend Pedro: Blood Bullets. So what is this game? Well, it’s a 2D action platform shooter.


Players go on an adventure with best friend, Pedro, who’s an imaginary friend in the form of a banana. So what does this adventure entail? Well, mainly shooting up gangsters with a wide variety of weapons. The game features slow-motion acrobatic action, which allows players to plan their shots for the highest accuracy possible. If slow-motion wasn’t enough, the game also throws in some wall jumping to change up the play style. While it may feel like a solo experience, players will have their best friend, Pedro, along for the ride.


My Friend Pedro is free to play over on Adult Swim. My Friend Pedro: Blood Bullets Bananas is currently in development with no set price or release date. When the game is released, it will be for Windows PC, Linux, and Mac. To learn more about the game and developer, DeadToast Entertainment, visit their website, “like” on Facebook, and follow on Twitter.

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