‘Legends of Aethereus’ Developer Shows Off Two Character Classes, Talks Beta Test


Legends of Aethereus is an upcoming co-op action RPG from developer ThreeGates. The game allows players to team up with friends online and compete in PVP arena battles, or take to the wilderness to go on adventure quests. Players have the ability to generate their own hand-crafted Nexus City-State to invite their friends to visit online. A statue-builder, banner-maker, city-painter, and other yet-to-be-announced tools will allow players to give their City-State the flair they desire.

Last July, ThreeGates completed a successful Kickstarter campaign for Legends of Aethereus. The team raised a total of $35,544…$10,544 over their initial $25,000 goal. Now as the team is pushing the game through its Beta stage, they are looking for support on Steam Greenlight.

So far, there are only two character classes revealed: The Officer and The Inventor.

The Officer is skilled at using weapons and traps in battle. Following a lifetime of training, The Officer class is adept at using weapons like javelins and caltrops to defeat foes, while calling upon the powers of the Aether gems and battle shouts for specific combat stat buffs. Players can choose to play The Officer as a pure melee character, a ranged defensive character, or even a bulky support character thanks to the shout abilities.

The Inventor is a master of construction and—most notably—destruction. Conjuring and deploying various explosive devices, The Inventor is ready for both offensive and defensive maneuvers. The Inventor can alter the created weapon, based on what type of Aether gem was utilized during the conjure. For example, using a fire gem will result in weapons having fire-related effects applied to their use.

“Our design intention with each class has been to not create a template character type, but to allow plenty of room for the player to develop their own style of fighting within the boundaries of each class,” ThreeGates explains on their IndieDB page.

ThreeGates has recently opened up the Beta to players interested in getting their hands on Legends of Aethereus. Occasionally the team has distributed keys to users who comment on their IndieDB news updates. While the current giveaway is closed, players anxious for a key would be wise to keep an eye on Legends of AethereusTwitter feed, for live updates on the giveaway.

“The beta let’s you explore the continent of Ghalia together with up to three friends, or fight in the Nexus arena for gold and glory,” ThreeGates said.

Visit the official Legends of Aethereus website.


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