Jason Rohrer Releases ‘The Castle Doctrine’ Alpha


Jason Rohrer is at it again with a massively-multiplayer game with disturbing implications. While a both, a game of defense and a game of burglary, The Castle Doctrine asks the player to make some tough decisions that will determine whether or not you are victorious.

Every player starts with a house, two children, and a wife. Charged with building defenses for your home to protect them, you spend money to build traps and barricades. But the only way you can afford to protect yourself is if you steal from your neighbors, the other players.


What seems justified in the beginning all of a sudden becomes disturbingly dark. As you enter other people’s houses, you find that they have families just like your own. But as long as they don’t put up a struggle, it will be alright, won’t it? You can take what you need to protect your own family. What if your neighbors try to take their money and run? Will you chase them down and kill them to protect your own family? Jason Rohrer asks you these questions all through the gripping, multiplayer game and forces you to do the unthinkable to save yourself.

You can purchase the alpha for $8, 50% off of the full release price, on the official website and try it for yourself. The Castle Doctrine is DRM free and cross-platform Mac, Linux and PC.