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This is the issue everyone has been waiting for, check out all the best indie games of 2012 in our annual IGM awards issue. Check out all of the Reader’s Choices, Honorable Mentions and Editor’s picks from all of the stellar games from this past year. This issue also features a great interview with Stone Rage Developer, Mountain Wheel games and reviews of Grimind, Miasmata, Teleglitch, Pid, and Primordia. Grab this issue filled with all the best indie games of 2012 and help support indie games and the geeks who write about them!

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Issue 31: March 2013

By Mike Gnade in Indie Game Magazine

30 pages, published 3/1/2013

The Indie Game Festival Awards are at the end of this month and in this issue we talk with Cardboard Computer about their grand prize nominated game, Kentucky Route Zero. There’s also a hands-on preview of Kentucky Route Zero Act I along with other previews such as Path of Exile. Read reviews of Skulls of the Shogun, Antichamber, Primal Carnage and Croizleur. Other feature articles include Comedy in indie games, and interview with Sakevisual…

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  • Davis

    Do you really have to pay for knowing the games of the year?

  • Nate

    This is pathetic, and Indie Game Magazine is pathetic. Having us pay to see top games? I can go to a myriad of other game sites to see that, or even look at Metacritic. Please, I don’t want what you’re selling, because I can get it for free. Sad.

  • Forehead

    Did I just get RickRolled? I have to pay for a list of Indie games? Dumb, wish I hadn’t clicked the link and gave you add money.

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    Really? 5$ for a 28 page digital magazine? I’ve paid that for the new Nintendo Force magazine and still regret it. I would never pay that for this panflet.